Three men in a Bow Tie
Classic Comedy

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"A modern-day Flanders
and Swann"

Chris Eldon Lee

Chris Eldon Lee

CHRIS ELDON LEE has worked in BBC Radio for 25 years and as a writer of songs and plays for almost two decades. He was a regular member of the Radio 4 “Kaleidoscope” arts team for ten years and also produced “Pick of the Week”. He now supplies Radio 4 with some of its more unusual and unlikely features and documentaries.

He even won an award once, but sadly never got to read the Shipping Forecast.

He has written a dozen plays - which have actually been performed - and was a writer in residence on a Russian Ice Breaker in the Antarctic.

He likes performing with “Three Men in a Bow Tie” because he gets paid more for taking the piss out of currents affairs in the evening than he ever did for reporting on them for the BBC in the daytime.

lots of bow ties
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