Three men in a Bow Tie
Classic Comedy

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"A modern-day Flanders
and Swann"

John Moore

John Moore

JOHN MOORE is a founder member of the group and it was he who thought up our name. The rest of us still haven’t got the joke.

John has to teach children for a living even though he’s really an international concert pianist. He’s not been the same since he was made Director of Music at Shrewsbury School.

John studied music at the University of East Anglia and The Royal Academy of Music, and spent ten years living and working as a teacher and composer in Edinburgh.

In recent years he’s written four youth musicals for the Edinburgh Festival and a considerable amount of music for BBC 1 and Channel 4 children’s programmes.

John has a very busy diary conducting and performing in Britain and abroad. He still adopts his alter ego to play with “Three Men in a Bow Tie” whenever he can.

He’s quite good looking really but his hearing isn’t anywhere nearly as sharp as Beethoven’s.

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