Three men in a Bow Tie
Classic Comedy

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"A modern-day Flanders
and Swann"

Nonny James

Nonny James

NONNY JAMES was educated in Malvern at a private school for girls where she learned how to speak nicely and write “I must not talk after the silence bell” very quickly and very often. Lines (and the occasional detention) were usually handed out for “talking after the silence bell” and making people laugh.

After leaving school, Nonny had a proper job as a private secretary for two years - but didn’t like it. She has spent the rest of her working life gaining experiences as a canine beautician, horse trainer, barmaid, hotel management trainee, music/speech/drama teacher, radio broadcaster, animal psychologist, photographer, songwriter, session singer, advertising/jingle writer, mother (once) and wife (more than once).

She lives with her trailhound “Ralph” and her record producer/musician man “John” in a cottage in the middle of nowhere with a leaking roof, jackdaws in the chimney and squirrels in the loft.

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